The CD (Can't Decide) pack was made for those that need a little more modularity and for those that like to alternate between placards/chest rig connection systems. The CD pack includes 2 field repair/replaceable G hooks and 2 field repair/replaceable 1” compatible ITW buckles. These split body G hooks and buckles make swapping between connection systems a breeze when confronted with a non adjustable webbing situation.

General Features

  • Made for placards and chest rig with fixed loop buckle attachment systems (Spiritus, Haley, RDR)
  • 2- 1" ITW field repair/replaceable male buckles
  • 2 - 1" (25mm) field repair/replaceable G hook 
  • Available in Tan or Black
  • Sold as a pack - will not sell individually 

Materials / Construction

  • Berry Compliant, Made in the USA.


Use discount code "BABYSHARK" to reduce the shipping cost if purchased as a single order. 


Please do not sent request to purchase the field repair/replaceable G hooks or ITW field repair/replaceable buckles separatly. This is sold as a pack to allow those that can't decide the ability to switch between two different connection types. 

 ***all  trademarks, brands, etc are the sole property of the respective companies.   SPIRITUS, HALEY, RDR do not endorse this product***

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