The IFAK pouch holds one CAT - Combat Application Tourniquet - Up to Gen 7 or one RATS tourniquet securely at the base of the pouch and is sized 5" H x 6.5" W x 1.25" D. It is 100% laser cut pouch with GRIDLOK attachment technology (molle compatible). The pouch is equipped with a Velcro ID field allowing the operator to attach blood type or other important patches for the field. The IFAK also comes with a color signature allowing the operator to switch between red, black and multicam for various field operations.

This pouch is a new piece of military kit that everyone should own. Berry Compliant, Made in the USA



  • 100% laser cut

  • GRIDLOK attachment technology (molle compatible)

  • Holds 1 CAT -COMBAT APPLICATION TOURNIQUET (Up to Gen7) or 1 RATS Tourniquet

  • Laser Cut Color Signature

  • Swapable visibility cards - Reflective,GITD,IR..etc (Red/Black included)


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  • Item #: APIF00M
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