Predator Ghillie™ Micro Cover

Predator Ghillie Micro Wrap


The Predator Ghillie Micro Wrap is a very effective yet lightweight low-profile solution to further the evolution of concealment for the end user. Utilizing the same pattern as our Predator Ghillie Helmet Cover, the Micro wrap was designed to efficiently change the outline and pattern of your micro/placard regardless of make and model.  Utilizing a unique Stretch Over mechanism, the Micro Ghillie Wrap can be stretched and secured to give the desired break up on any micro chest rig, front flap, or placard. Compatible with standard Side Release buckles, FS Tubes, ROC Buckles, AXL's Advanced Chest Rig Retention Kit, or no hardware at all to secure your platform.  

Compatible with Front Flaps, Micro Chest Rigs, and Placards from Crye Precision®, FirstSpear®, Velocity Systems, Mayflower, S&S Precision, Spiritus Systems, Ferro Concepts, LBT (London Bridge Traders), Eagle Industries, HRT Tactical, Blue Force Gear, RDR Gear, Esstac, Defense Mechanisms, Haley Strategic Partners and Many More.

The Micro wrap creates optimal breakup and furthers concealment of the end user regardless of terrain/seasonal changes without getting in the way of everything you need to stay in the fight.

MultiCam® fabrics are treated for near IR (infrared) signature issues. Nearly all MultiCam® printed fabrics are tuned for both visible and near IR spectrums. We can not confirm all color options we offer will reduce IR signature. 

General Features

  • Advanced Ghillie cut patterns
  • Lightweight simple construction
  • Shockcord/One wrap attachment system
  • Adjustable breakup and fit for any Micro platform
  • One piece construction

Materials / Construction

    • 500D Cordura
    • No stitching to fray or fall apart
    • Milspec Shock Cord and One wrap
    • Made in the USA

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Predator Ghillie™ Micro Cover
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