Sidewing H3 (Haley Strategic)

Sidewing H3

The Sidewing H(Haley)3 allows the user to convert the Haley Strategic D3CRM MICRO into a larger chest rig with additional attachment realestate. Ideal for those that need to carry a little bit more.   

Sidewing Feature:

  • Three laser cut columns
  • Top lock down flap
  • Two 1/8 bungee attachment points
  • 4-1" female ITW compatible buckles
  • Additional laser cut hole attachment points


  • Laser cut GRID
  • MIL-Spec thread elastic, velcro
  • Berry Compliant, Made in the USA


Total length 23" (end of female buckle to female buckle)

***all Haley Strategic trademarks, brands, etc are the sole property of the respective companies.  Haley Strategic does not endorse this products***

Sidewing H3 (Haley Strategic)
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