Tactical Shotgun Shell Chest Rig

Tactical Shotgun Shell Chest Rig

The Tactical Shotgun Shell Chest Rig was designed to support military tactical shotgun operations and bring the shotgun directly back into police service. The need to carry advanced munition such as gas ferret rounds, rubber shot/super socks (bean bag rounds), shock-lock and Taser Xrep catridge has drastically increased over the last few years. The chest rig supports a total of 30 shells in a 5 colum 6 row configuration. Features: * Accommodates 30 shotgun shells * All seams double stitched * Genuine Cordura materials * Mil-Spec Velcro and webbing * Adjustable/Removable 1" waist belt * Adjustable H * Internal pocket.2"shoulder webbing with 1" buckles on the rig.

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Tactical Shotgun Shell Chest Rig
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  • Item #: BCS-CR-TS-1000
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